About American Baptist Men GRR


  • To bring men into a vital relationship with Jesus Christ
  • To broaden men's understanding of the mission of American Baptist Churches USA
  • To encourage men to practice their ministry at home, at work, and in their community
  • To support the mission of ABC GRR
  • To support the mission of ABC USA
  • To strengthen the spiritual life of men through shared fellowship, caring study, and prayer
  • To design service programs and projects that utilize men's gifts in ministry
  • To encourage men to join in unison with their pastors and/or area church leadership in shared ministry
  • To develop basic skills which men can use in their ministries
  • To help clarify men's role and identity in today's world


  • American Baptist Men (and other persons) are eligible to become members of ABMen GRR by actively identifying themselves with and supporting the purposes and concerns of ABMen GRR.
  • Charting of local men's fellowships shall be done through ABMen USA, using instructions from their office in our denominational headquarters at Valley Forge.
  • Local, regional, state and city organizations of American Baptist Men are encouraged to affiliate with the national body of ABMen USA.


  • All relationships of ABMen GRR with other groups is voluntary. ABMen GRR is an organization composed of members of cooperating American Baptist congregations and, therefore, promotes a close cooperative relationship with them and their related area, regional, and national denominational bodies.
  • ABM/GRR maintains a special relationship with ABMen USA. ABMen USA maintains a special relationship with the Office of the General Secretary and actively participates in denominational leadership as members of the ABC-USA National Leadership Council. ABMen GRR benefits from programming, but does not receive financial support. Membership of ABMen GRR is encouraged to directly support both ABMen GRR and ABMen USA financially.